Mr Brinkly

New CEO, Mr. Brinkly

"I see we are going to have to find ways to step up production because the word is spreading. More and more people want to acknowledge their friends, family and co-workers with our Paw Paw message bottles."


Speaking from the Heart!

Have you ever had a vision, dream or a desire in your heart? I'm not talking about something that is here today and forgotten tomorrow. I am speaking of a gift or a talent that you know is a blessing from God. This is a true journey of one of the most significant successes in my life.

As a child, I remember my mother collecting items at garage sales or even the Salvation Army. These were items that in most people’s eyes were just something insignificant. But, my mother knew in her heart that they were valuable. She would buy them for a little of nothing. Through tender loving care she would restore the item and sell it for much more than what she paid.

Mom also had a passion in her heart for animals. As poor as my parents were, mom would rescue many animals. It did not make a difference whether it was a dog, cat, or a baby billy goat. Every animal she rescued was named by where she found it- BROADWAY, MALL, ETC. The money that she made from selling her precious finds would go towards the wonderful pens that my dad would build for the pet and also for their food. Because of my parents kindness for pets a very special vet in Pittsburg, Kansas would spay or neuter the animals for free. She knew how poor, but kind, my parents were. Forward my life in 2000..

I also have a fondness for animals, except mice. :) I rescued a little cocker spaniel that I named Chardonnay. Nay Nay (as my granddaughters call her) has been my constant companion. Thru many rough years, a lot of heartaches and the loss of both of my parents Nay Nay has given me constant love.

In 2010 I discovered several nodules on Nay Nay's tummy. To my horror, a vet informed me that Chardonnay had breast cancer. At that time, I was pretty penniless. But through a much unexpected event I was more than blessed financially and able to afford the surgery for Nay Nay. She came thru like a trooper. During the time before Nay Nay's surgery I was blessed with a brand new little Cavalier King Charles. I named her Freixenet. Now I have two BLESSINGS!

Our Vision:

My dream for designing a bottle was to relay to anyone how important they are. I hope every one becomes aware of the possibility of breast cancer in animals. It is my wish that the messages you send will be the beginning of a beautiful day for someone.

Expect the unexpected!
And remember, every day deserves a miracle.

May all 2016 be a Happy Year!

From Everyone here at Linda's Paw Paw Vineyards we wish you a happy and fruitful 2016! Dog Lineup